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Taylor Swift for Keds - Style Icons


Title: A Sky Full of Stars
Artist: Coldplay
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A Sky Full of Stars | Coldplay

So. Beautiful.



when i make a joke to myself and no one’s around to hear it



abigail_lauren"It was working ‘til you showed up. You big tree!" - Chandler Bing @taylorswift  (x)

“I’ve never felt like there’s just one way to be beautiful, you know, tall or short, straight hair or curly or whatever, some people have definitions of their ‘types’. You know, for me I think that when I meet someone and there’s that magical thing about them that makes them unforgettable, it’s that they’re sincere and honest in whoever they are. Be that funny, happy, going through a rough time, sarcastic, I think these personality traits that come through when somebody is really sincere is what makes them beautiful.”

Beauty is sincerity. I think that there are so many different ways that someone can be beautiful. You know someone’s so funny that it makes them beautiful no matter how they look because they’re sincere in it.

Or someone’s really emotional and moody and thoughtful and stoic but that makes them beautiful because that’s sincerely who they are.

Or you look out into the crowd and you see someone so happy that they’re smiling from ear-to-ear and that sincerity comes through, and I think that’s what makes somebody beautiful.

Taylor Swift + Central Park

Taylor Swift; a quick July lookbook

Taylor Swift leaving a reformation store in New York City on July 21st

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